Science explained by LORD KRISHNA!

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Since the time Newton attempted to explain planetary orbits through the laws of gravity and Motion, the scientific belief that the totality of existence can be explained through science has been gaining momentum. Correspondingly the hand of God on the canvas of the universe has been becoming dimmer and dimmer. Prior to Newton, God was understood to be the creator and controller of the universe. Newtonian physics relegated Him to the role of a creator, a mere clockmaker who had no power over nature, which was governed by laws. Darwin’s origin of natural species proposed in 1859 provided the intellectual justification for removing God even from the role of the creator. The intellectual climate of that time embraced Darwinian evolution not so much because of its scientific basis, but because of its ideological implications. This covert agenda to exile God from the academic world was made explicit by Frederic Nietzsche through his jolting “God is dead” proclamation. Today almost all the academic textbooks and journals as well as commercial science fiction novels and movies portray evolution as a proven fact, as an unquestionable scientific reality. Time and time again we get to hear recycled versions of the same old tale of human and universal origins: the universe originated with a big bang, unicellular life evolved fortuitously on the earth in a primordial soup, life forms evolved to increasing levels of complexity, and gradually  all the flora and fauna on our planet – including we humans – came about. And concomitantly the religious world reviews of universal origins involving God are almost instantly rejected as pre-scientific superstitions.

This materialistic worldview has gained widespread acceptance not so much due to its scientific validation as due to its vigorous propagation. Moreover the impressive technological accomplishments of science – catering to the mass demands for instant relief and pleasure – have created among people a naïve, unquestioning faith that whatever science says must be true.

But as the harmful effects of technology are being increasingly recognized, so also are the fallacies of the scientific worldview that underlies these technologies.

More and more people – including acclaimed scientists – are realizing that reductionistic theories overlook a cardinal principle of science: theories should be based on objective evidences, no matter how unexpected, and not subjective beliefs, no matter how popular. The evidence uncovered by science – both at the macroscopic and the microscopic level – portrays a picture of the universe that is strikingly different from what most of us have been taught to believe as science.

Observation of the fine harmony of the universal laws, the amazing complexity and the purposeful, wonderful organization of animate and inanimate life on different levels, has started a progressively strengthening movement for the respiritualization of science.

This website is not anti-science, it is pro-humanity. Our human race deserves to know the truths about its origin and purpose and that is what this site will provide –by combining modern scientific research with timeless Vedic wisdom. The value and glory of Vedic wisdom has been recognized by many eminent thinkers. We give here just a few quotes:

                                 einstein - world scientist
“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to
         count, without which no worthwhile scientific
                  discovery could have been made. “

                           ~ Albert Einstein

After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense”.

W. Heisenberg (German Physicist, 1901-1976)
“The Vedanta and the Sankhya hold the key to the laws of mind and thought process which are co-related to the Quantum Field, i.e. the operation and distribution of particles at atomic and molecular levels.”

Prof. Brian David Josephson (1940 – ) Welsh physicist, the youngest Nobel Laureate   

” It is India that gave us the ingenious method of expressing all numbers by ten symbols, each receiving a value of position as well as an absolute value, a profound and important idea which appears so simple to us now that we ignore its true merit. But its very simplicity, the great ease which it has lent to all computations, puts our arithmetic in the first rank of useful inventions, and we shall appreciate the grandeur of this achievement the more when we remember that it escaped the genius of Archimedes and Appollonius, two of the greatest men produced by antiquity.”

Pierre Simon de Laplace, French mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer,


Vedas(Old Sanskrit writings ) say that when SCIENCE ENDS SPIRITUALITY BEGINS!Most of the scientific conclusions now being put forth by some very acknowledged scientists were already mentioned by LORD KRISHNA in HIS SONG, the BHAGWAD GITA.

Vedanta Teaching Peace

At the beginning of creation, Krishna spoke the knowledge of the Vedas, which guides souls on the journey of life and ultimately back to their spiritual home.

Lord Krishan reveals HIMSELF as GOD
From time to time that knowledge becomes diluted or changed. To revive it, Krishna came to this world 5,000 years ago and spoke Bhagavad-gita to His friend Arjuna. The Gita contains detailed teachings on the supreme, infinite soul (God), the finite souls, karma (work in this world), time, and creation.

Lord Saves us
Bhagwad GITA was spoken by Krishna and written by Vyasadeva around 3100 BC, ie 3800 years before Mohammed and 2800 years before Jesus. Krishna was quite famous all around the world just like HIS previous avtaar RAM. It is said that the LORD(GOD-Mahavishnu) who has no ego no form but yet ever multiplying in forms comes to earth to save HIS own devotees(Good people – not any specific religion) from evil deors of Shaitaan and guide them to a satisfactory and ideal way of living. Everytime thus when Lord appears in his various AVTAARS on this stage of earth to play his own DRAMA, the uncanny and the unwise people on earth think of it as a new religion and caste and recoginise HIM just by few names. How thus people with such ego can understand GOD?

Each of us is one of the innumerable spiritual souls who emanate from Krishna.KRISHNA said to Arjuna before he revealed to him, the HOLY SONG OF GOD, “O Arjuna, the preaching that I am going to give you today has been already spoken to Vivaswan(The Sun of our Galaxy), some 140 Yugas ago( 1 Yuga is 1,27000 human years)”. Krishna further said that our Sun Vivaswaan is not the only Sun. There are around 10,000 more suns in other galaxies. HE said that HE controls the whole Universe just by using 1% of HIS entire potential. There are millions of galaxies within HIM (which we all live in) and Millions of species all round the universe. He said firther that though there are other living entities, Humans are the most foremost creation made to “UNITE with GOD” . This human birth is attained after several births of pain and agaony and yes “Good merits”. And most of us loose this form after death because of our BAD ACTIONS in this birth.



Some people dont beleive in re-birth as their religion doesnt allow them to. But how then their religion allow them to beleive in Ghosts and Magical Genis? Its a matter of simple logic. Man tends to change everything GOD has created and taught…its our ego. But GOD forgives.

Krishna has mentioned how HE created the world. This explanation talliles exactly with the researches of the scientists.
Krishna did miracles since infant age

“The Big Bang” – As explained by Lord Krishna…even before science came to existence!
Krishna Says:

The galaxies of this universe are all floating on a huge ocean (The Milky Ocean where LORD is SEATED). He emanualted HIMSELF as the four handed “NARAYANA”(Narah means the spiritual waters in Sanskrit and the physical position is termed as “Ayana” so “Narayana”). HE then created a seed(A big EGG) and as Narayana seated himself within the egg. He then divided the egg into two (Here the blast occurs) that is the “Heaven – Swarg or Jannat” and other “Hell – Nark or Jahhannum”.  According to Lord Krishna there are 28000 Hells which souls are sent to repent for their past actions. There is one Swarg where humans go for their good merits enjoy for 100 years(which in uncalculable in human years- almost permanent for us) of Demigods (Devas, Adideva) and then come back to life in forms as per their merits. Some souls become angels or devas or farishtays some become humans. Similarly the turmour in hell is also not permanent and then souls come back as animals or pisachas. Then again htis life is counted for merits and the cycle continues.
Thus this prooved “Energy or Shakti” is Constant. Shakti is Lords own energy  a female form of the Lord HIMSELF as lord has also explained how HE divided HIMSELF into female and male form and then created “Viraag” -(pain caused by seperation of these two entities “male and female”).
After creating these two halves Lord set to create other planets and galaxies. HE then expanded HIMSELF to three planary expansions “Brahma (to create planets, Vishnu(to pamper and manage the creation) Shiva)” 
Krishna expanded as Brahma Vishnu Shiva    Vaikuntha or Jannat
Planet of GOD:
(or the ageless planet) is explained as the “Planet of GOD”. Once we become one with HIM leaving aside our egos and bad actions we move to higher planet of Krishna (Vaikuntha) where we are form and no form like GOD and have no age. Rivers flow under green gardens, sweet music played by Gandharvas or Cupids, Krishna says further that there are thousands of “Laxshmis” serving HIM.

“That supreme abode of Mine is not illumined by the sun or moon, nor by fire or electricity. Those who reach it never return to this material world.” –Sri Krishna, Bhagavad-gita 15.6
Can u imagine Krishna spoke about electricity 5000 years back!

What science agrees:
We can admittedly find nothing in physics or chemistry that has even a remote bearing on consciousness. Yet all of us know that there is such a thing as consciousness, simply because we have it ourselves. Hence consciousness must be part of nature, or, more generally, of reality, which means that, quite apart from the laws of physics and chemistry, as laid down in quantum theory, we must also consider laws of quite a different kind. —Niels Bohr, 1922 Nobel Laureate, Physics

Ordinary science cannot study spirit and its characteristic, consciousness, which are outside the purview of matter. Spirit can be studied through a spiritual science, such as that given in the Vedas.
Besides consciousness, other evidence suggests that our identity is separate from our bodies—for example, past-life memories and out-of-body experiences.

While God is infinite, we souls are small and are subordinate to Him. We exist to serve Him in love. Our intrinsic nature—our dharma—is to serve. That quality cannot be separated from us, just as heat cannot be separated from fire and sweetness cannot be separated from sugar. We will find full satisfaction only in re-discovering our unique service to God.

Reaching the Goal
Lord Krishna says about:
Material Bodies

In the material world, we accept bodies different from ourselves. The Vedas tell us:

  • there are 8,400,000 kinds of bodies born of the soul’s illusory desire to experience varieties of material enjoyment
  • although we dwell within the body, Krishna is the body’s actual owner and controller; for example, He decides when we’ll leave it
  • the elements of the body—skin, bones, blood, hair, etc.—are all repulsive on their own; we find the body attractive only because of the force of material illusion
  • material bodies undergo six transformations: birth, growth, sustenance, production of by-products, dwindling, and death
  • the body is a machine made of matter by which we, the soul, try unsuccessfully to find full satisfaction
  • our actions in the human body determine what kind of body we’ll get next

plight of the world

Even after so many creations and dilusions, Lord Krishna says about what HE has to do:
“The Supreme Lord has nothing to do, and no one is found to be equal to or greater than Him, for everything is done naturally and systematically by His multifarious energies.”

KRISHNA belongs to ALL of us: Whats in the name?
Just as we may have different names according to our various roles—Mommy, Dr. Jones, Sweetheart, Professor, Your Honor—so does God. And since God is unlimited, He has innumerable names.The names can be generic terms, such as “God” or “the Absolute Truth.”They can be in Sanskrit, such as Govinda, Gopala, or Shyamasundara.They can be in other languages, such as Yahweh and Allah.

The name Krishna, which means “the all-attractive One, ” implies that each of us has an eternal relationship with God and we are always drawn either to Him directly or to His energies.

What is an Avtaar ?

People who have not learnt or read about this concept would be reluctant at the first time to acknowledge this from a normal human being.

But read what LORD HIMSELF Says. Before you read please close your eyes and think if you can really question the POWER OF GOD(KRISHNA, ALLAH, YEHWAH)?
krishna is all forms and no formkrishna expands

Krishna expands into innumerable forms, each of whom is Krishna Himself. Being all-powerful He can expand Himself into forms with the same power and characteristics He possesses, without diminishing Himself in the least. Krishna is likened to the original candle that lights other candles of the same luminosity.

Krishna expands Himself to enjoy in a variety of ways through relationships with His innumerable devotees. Some of His expansions manage the material world, but Krishna in His original form remains aloof from the affairs of this world, ever enjoying with His associates in His spiritual land.

Krishna’s first expansion is Balarama, His elder brother in Goloka Vrindavan. From Balarama come all other expansions.

Although Krishna produces many forms identical to Himself, He remains one undivided entity.

Scientific explanation of expansion given by KRISHNA HIMSELF
Universal Management

To carry on work in the material sphere, Krishna expands Himself or incarnates. Each expansion or avatar possesses some of Krishna’s qualities in full. They appear with forms and emotions different from Krishna’s, and They carry out specific activities. They are uniquely named according to these characteristics.

Krishna creates the material world in response to our desire to try to enjoy outside of our relationship with Him. Everything here is created, sustained, and ultimately destroyed by His expansions.

Ultimately everyone reach Vaikuntha, “the place of no anxiety.”


Krishna’s Avatars
 Krishna repeatedly comes to this world in various forms to perform specific functions. Such avatars distinguish themselves by performing extraordinary feats. They are known by references to them in the Vedas, including Srimad-Bhagavatam, which recounts histories of several prominent incarnations from the beginning of creation.

The islamic versionof KRISHNA’s coming is mentioned in Mehdi Moud a persian writing.
The ulltimate teacher is called a “Imam Mahdi” – who is a part of GOD HIMSELF

Below we see how the humble and most powerful LORD KRISHNA comes everytime in forms to help mankind:

GOD has no ego - HE takes forms to save usSupersou- Paratma or Allah

Unlike normal human beings KRISHNA or GOD doesnt have any ego.
He comes every Yuga or Age to save mankind from expanding kingdom of Devil.

  • come to show spiritual practices for a specific age in cyclical time
  • come to give a glimpse of life in the spiritual world, and their actions become topics for discussion to liberate devotees
  • come to create and control the material worlds
  • take charge of the universe’s secondary creation (by Brahma), its maintenance (by Vishnu), and its destruction (by Siva)

Some points here to clarify to other religions that Hindus dont have 36000000 GODS.

Universal Managers

Some souls are invested with extraordinary power to manage the universe. They are known as devas or demigods. Although they display godlike powers, they are not God. They are finite souls empowered by God to act on His behalf. Unseen by us, they control, among other things, the forces of nature.

Universal manager

Knowing the Lord!

Krishna says that His opulence is unlimited and thus we can see Him everywhere, from the great cosmic laws to the buds of a flower. Here’s a sample of the many ways He suggests we can perceive His presence:

  • I am the taste of water
  • I am the light of the sun and moon
  • I am the consciousness of living beings
  • Of bodies of water I am the ocean
  • Of sacrifices I am the chanting of the holy names
  • Of immovable things I am the Himalayas
  • Of weapons I am the thunderbolt

    “I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.”

The word “Brahman,” or simply “Brahma,” is used in a generic sense to mean spirit. God, the individual souls, and the spiritual effulgence of God are all referred to as Brahman (its Sanskrit root means “the greatest”).

When the word is used in the context of Brahman, Paramatma, and Bhagavan—the three phases of the Absolute Truth—it refers to the impersonal effulgence of God (Bhagavan). Brahman is also called the “brahma-jyoti”, or “spiritual light.” or “Noor Elahi” It is fills the spiritual world and, when transformed by God, becomes the primordial elements of the material world. Thus it is said to pervade everything.






Thoreu - American Thinker

“Whenever I have read any part of the Vedas, I have
felt that some unearthly and unknown light illuminated
me. In the great teaching of the Vedas, there is no
touch of sectarianism. It is of all ages, climbs, and
nationalities and is the royal road for the attainment
of the Great Knowledge.”  ~ Thoreau (American Thinker)




  1. rakesh yadav said,

    whatever GOD says (KRISHNA) is almost near the practical .this is the great knowledge about KRISHNA theory this have touch to my soul ,i felt that all human kinds should read about KRISHNA, even they belongs to any religion or cast .i thik or this is my thought that KRISHNA is last destiny for everything living or dead.


  2. Satish Niranjani said,

    its excellent effort done by you on this subject. Keep it up

  3. shyam panjwani said,

    Hare krishna to readers,i tink lord krishna is god of everything.peoples should read about him and specially indians should do it.govt. of india should take initiative to include books like bhafvat gita in their curriculum

  4. Vishag said,

    I would like to know about the evolution of man kind in europe, arabia,africa,china

  5. Balu Narayan said,

    Protons, Neutrons and Electrons which make up the Atom is stated to be indestructible according to modern day scientists. Atman is described as indestructible by nature. What is the difference? We need to study the Gita again not from the perspective of religion but that of science

  6. Firefly said,

    Dear Vishag,

    Through Vedas GOD says that the ancestors or the first race of Bharata(Earth) will be never known by man through science or any means. So i think people should stop fighting in the name of religion.

    The whole earth was one chunk of soil once.

  7. unit said,

    As Baratha ……Bharat…… Bhumi…… Eartha…. Earth…….. Partha,….. Parth……… Means SOIL , LAND, Eternal SOIL, Eternal Land , Jagat, Duniya, LOK, World, Glob(LOK), Dwija, Dunja, Dwitiaya LOka, Guna(Sanskrit), Gunaya(Sanskrit) , matter, Matra(Sanskrit), Mitra(Sanskrit) ,
    Here I want to convey that Krishna teaches us Vasudhev Kutumbakam , World is One family, (VAsundhara) means ancient times Bharata was Termed for Whole world., and termed from Krishna’s Mouth – Bharata Dwip…. Bharat Khand, not a Bharat Country(Desham) . World Leading Language was Sanskrit, Religion was Vedic Dharma, God’s were Vishnu , Shiva, Bhrahma, Surya, Agni, Vayu, Varun, Indra, Sarpa(Balarama… Shesh naga… Musal….. Ananta….etc….) . But due to change of Yug to kaliyug they forgot to speek Sanskrit and also forgot vedas so the religion of veda all these got apbhramsa(language curruption) and we have changed form of other than india is seen every where, But only in India ancient veda, religion, language is preserved because of it is a land of GOD himself and we indian do not use but still we can understand and feel the soul of these. If you want to see GOD(Krishn) then connect your soul with Ananta(infinity of universe)krishna. you will definitely see him.

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