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For all aspiring readers: Note:
This is not an attempt to malign or make any religion feel inferior or obstructed.
This is only a finding and thought to see us all in one light….the light of unity and peace.
I myself love Islaam and the people of Arabia. The people of Arabia are thouroughly gentlemen.
After reading the holy Quran i was astound to have seen many resemblances in good thoughts with reference to Puran and Bible. So many mannersims in Islam are same as that in Sanatan Dharma(Hindu Dharma).
The word Sanatan Dharma itself means Peaceful and Righteo us way of living for all…which is same as Islaam. Both the scriptures(Quran and Puran) mention that we all belong to one GOD and that we are all destined to meet in HIS abode where rivers flow in gardens where Gandharvas(Cupids) play music and the Lord is served by thousands of DemiGods or Farishtays or Angels.
For all readers again im mentioning that Hindu is not religion neither it believes in conversions nor supports it as it knows whatever/whichever form  we may worship, all the prayers reach that ONE GOD and are replied by that one GOD only. The only concept where there is a difference between the styles of worship is that Hindus worship each and every form of GOD who expanded as DemiGods and sunsequently is that ONE GOD HIMSELF testing us in different masks. It is none but that ONE GOD or PARAMESHWAR who is present in all and manifests in all atoms. So we think twice even before kicking a stone without reason. Help ever Hurt never.

A wise saint once said: The Ultimate Guru/ Imaam – (who is GOD/Lord) wears different masks(avtaars)
to spread light among HIS children.

Kaaba a Hindu Temple?

[Note: A recent archeological find in Kuwait unearthed a gold-plated
statue of the Hindu deity Ganesh. A Muslim resident of Kuwait requested
historical research material that can help explain the connection between Hindu civilisation and Arabia.]

Was the Kaaba Originally a Hindu Temple?
By P.N. Oak (Historian)

Glancing through some research material recently, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a reference to a king Vikramaditya inscription found in the Kaaba in Mecca proving beyond doubt that the Arabian Peninsula formed a part of his Indian Empire.

The text of the crucial Vikramaditya inscription, found inscribed on a gold dish hung inside the Kaaba shrine in Mecca, is found recorded on page 315 of a volume known as ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ treasured in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey. Rendered in free English the inscription says:

“Fortunate are those who were born (and lived) during king Vikram’s reign. He was a noble, generous dutiful ruler, devoted to the welfare of his subjects. But at that time we Arabs, oblivious of God, were lost in sensual pleasures. Plotting and torture were rampant. The darkness of ignorance had enveloped our country. Like the lamb struggling for her life in the cruel paws of a wolf we Arabs were caught up in ignorance. The entire country was enveloped in a darkness so intense as on a new moon night. But the present dawn and pleasant sunshine of education is the result of the favour of the noble king Vikramaditya whose benevolent supervision did not lose sight of us- foreigners as we were. He spread his sacred religion amongst us and sent scholars whose brilliance shone like that of the sun from his country to ours. These scholars and preceptors through whose benevolence we were once again made cognisant of the presence of God, introduced to His sacred existence and put on the road of Truth, had come to our country to preach their religion and impart education at king Vikramaditya’s behest.”

For those who would like to read the Arabic wording I reproduce it hereunder in Roman script:

“Itrashaphai Santu Ibikramatul Phahalameen Karimun Yartapheeha Wayosassaru Bihillahaya Samaini Ela Motakabberen Sihillaha Yuhee Quid min howa Yapakhara phajjal asari nahone osirom bayjayhalem. Yundan blabin Kajan blnaya khtoryaha sadunya kanateph netephi bejehalin Atadari bilamasa- rateen phakef tasabuhu kaunnieja majekaralhada walador. As hmiman burukankad toluho watastaru hihila Yakajibaymana balay kulk amarena phaneya jaunabilamary Bikramatum”.

(Page 315 Sayar-ul-okul).

[Note: The title ‘Saya-ul-okul’ signifies memorable words.]

A careful analysis of the above inscription enables us to draw the following conclusions:

  1. That the ancient Indian empires may have extended up to the eastern boundaries of Arabia until Vikramaditya and that it was he who for the first time conquered Arabia. Because the inscription says that king Vikram who dispelled the darkness of ignorance from Arabia.
  2. That, whatever their earlier faith, King Vikrama’s preachers had succeeded in spreading the Vedic (based on the Vedas, the Hindu sacred scriptures)) way of life in Arabia.
  3. That the knowledge of Indian arts and sciences was imparted by Indians to the Arabs directly by founding schools, academies and cultural centres. The belief, therefore, that visiting Arabs conveyed that knowledge to their own lands through their own indefatigable efforts and scholarship is unfounded.

An ancillary conclusion could be that the so-called Kutub Minar (in Delhi, India) could well be king Vikramadiya’s tower commemorating his conquest of Arabia. This conclusion is strengthened by two pointers. Firstly, the inscription on the iron pillar near the so-called Kutub Minar refers to the marriage of the victorious king Vikramaditya to the princess of Balhika. This Balhika is none other than the Balkh region in West Asia. It could be that Arabia was wrestled by king Vikramaditya from the ruler of Balkh who concluded a treaty by giving his daughter in marriage to the victor. Secondly, the township adjoining the so called Kutub Minar is named Mehrauli after Mihira who was the renowned astronomer-mathematician of king Vikram’s court. Mehrauli is the corrupt form of Sanskrit ‘Mihira-Awali’ signifying a row of houses raised for Mihira and his helpers and assistants working on astronomical observations made from the tower.

Having seen the far reaching and history shaking implications of the Arabic inscription concerning king Vikrama, we shall now piece together the story of its find. How it came to be recorded and hung in the Kaaba in Mecca. What are the other proofs reinforcing the belief that Arabs were once followers of the Indian Vedic way of life and that tranquillity and education were ushered into Arabia by king Vikramaditya’s scholars, educationists from an uneasy period of “ignorance and turmoil” mentioned in the inscription.

In Istanbul, Turkey, there is a famous library called Makhatab-e-Sultania, which is reputed to have the largest collection of ancient West Asian literature. In the Arabic section of that library is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. That anthology was compiled from an earlier work in A.D. 1742 under the orders of the Turkish ruler Sultan Salim.

The pages of that volume are of Hareer – a kind of silk used for writing on. Each page has a decorative gilded border. That anthology is known as Sayar-ul-Okul. It is divided into three parts. The first part contains biographic details and the poetic compositions of pre-Islamic Arabian poets. The second part embodies accounts and verses of poets of the period beginning just after prophet Mohammad’s times, up to the end of the Banee-Um-Mayya dynasty. The third part deals with later poets up to the end of Khalif Harun-al-Rashid’s times.

Abu Amir Asamai, an Arabian bard who was the poet Laureate of Harun-al-Rashid’s court, has compiled and edited the anthology.

The first modern edition of ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ was printed and published in Berlin in 1864. A subsequent edition is the one published in Beirut in 1932.

The collection is regarded as the most important and authoritative anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. It throws considerable light on the social life, customs, manners and entertainment modes of ancient Arabia. The book also contains an elaborate description of the ancient shrine of Mecca, the town and the annual fair known as OKAJ which used to be held every year around the Kaaba temple in Mecca. This should convince readers that the annual haj of the Muslims to the Kaaba is of earlier pre-Islamic congregation.

But the OKAJ fair was far from a carnival. It provided a forum for the elite and the learned to discuss the social, religious, political, literary and other aspects of the Vedic culture then pervading Arabia. ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ asserts that the conclusion reached at those discussions were widely respected throughout Arabia. Mecca, therefore, followed the Varanasi tradition (of India) of providing a venue for important discussions among the learned while the masses congregated there for spiritual bliss. The principal shrines at both Varanasi in India and at Mecca in Arvasthan (Arabia) were Siva temples. Even to this day ancient Mahadev (Siva) emblems can be seen. It is the Shankara (Siva) stone that Muslim pilgrims reverently touch and kiss in the Kaaba.

Arabic tradition has lost trace of the founding of the Kaaba temple. The discovery of the Vikramaditya inscription affords a clue. King Vikramaditya is known for his great devotion to Lord Mahadev (Siva). At Ujjain (India), the capital of Vikramaditya, exists the famous shrine of Mahankal, i.e., of Lord Shankara (Siva) associated with Vikramaditya. Since according to the Vikramaditya inscription he spread the Vedic religion, who else but he could have founded the Kaaba temple in Mecca?

A few miles away from Mecca is a big signboard which bars the entry of any non-Muslim into the area. This is a reminder of the days when the Kaaba was stormed and captured solely for the newly established faith of Islam. The object in barring entry of non-Muslims was obviously to prevent its recapture.

As the pilgrim proceeds towards Mecca he is asked to shave his head and beard and to don special sacred attire that consists of two seamless sheets of white cloth. One is to be worn round the waist and the other over the shoulders. Both these rites are remnants of the old Vedic practice of entering Hindu temples clean- and with holy seamless white sheets.

The main shrine in Mecca, which houses the Siva emblem, is known as the Kaaba. It is clothed in a black shroud. That custom also originates from the days when it was thought necessary to discourage its recapture by camouflaging it.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Kaaba has 360 images. Traditional accounts mention that one of the deities among the 360 destroyed when the place was stormed, was that of Saturn; another was of the Moon and yet another was one called Allah. That shows that in the Kaaba the Arabs worshipped the nine planets in pre-Islamic days. In India the practice of ‘Navagraha’ puja, that is worship of the nine planets, is still in vogue. Two of these nine are Saturn and Moon.

In India the crescent moon is always painted across the forehead of the Siva symbol. Since that symbol was associated with the Siva emblem in Kaaba it came to be grafted on the flag of Islam.

Another Hindu tradition associated with the Kaaba is that of the sacred stream Ganga (sacred waters of the Ganges river). According to the Hindu tradition Ganga is also inseparable from the Shiva emblem as the crescent moon. Wherever there is a Siva emblem, Ganga must co-exist. True to that association a sacred fount exists near the Kaaba. Its water is held sacred because it has been traditionally regarded as Ganga since pre-Islamic times (Zam-Zam water).

[Note: Even today, Muslim pilgrims who go to the Kaaba for Haj regard this Zam-Zam water with reverence and take some bottled water with them as sacred water.]

Muslim pilgrims visiting the Kaaba temple go around it seven times. In no other mosque does the circumambulation prevail. Hindus invariably circumambulate around their deities. This is yet another proof that the Kaaba shrine is a pre-Islamic Indian Shiva temple where the Hindu practice of circumambulation is still meticulously observed.

The practice of taking seven steps- known as Saptapadi in Sanskrit- is associated with Hindu marriage ceremony and fire worship. The culminating rite in a Hindu marriage enjoins upon the bride and groom to go round the sacred fire four times (but misunderstood by many as seven times). Since “Makha” means fire, the seven circumambulations also prove that Mecca was the seat of Indian fire-worship in the West Asia.

It might come as a stunning revelation to many that the word ‘ALLAH’ itself is Sanskrit. In Sanskrit language Allah, Akka and Amba are synonyms. They signify a goddess or mother. The term ‘ALLAH’ forms part of Sanskrit chants invoking goddess Durga, also known as Bhavani, Chandi and Mahishasurmardini. The Islamic word for God is., therefore, not an innovation but the ancient Sanskrit appellation retained and continued by Islam. Allah means mother or goddess and mother goddess.

One Koranic verse is an exact translation of a stanza in the Yajurveda. This was pointed out by the great research scholar Pandit Satavlekar of Pardi in one of his articles.

[Note: Another scholar points out that the following teaching from the Koran is exactly similar to the teaching of the Kena Upanishad (1.7).

The Koran:

“Sight perceives Him not. But He perceives men’s sights; for He is the knower of secrets, the Aware.”

Kena Upanishad:

“That which cannot be seen by the eye but through which the eye itself sees, know That to be Brahman (God) and not what people worship here (in the manifested world).”

A simplified meaning of both the above verses reads:

God is one and that He is beyond man’s sensory experience.

The identity of Unani and Ayurvedic systems shows that Unani is just the Arabic term for the Ayurvedic system of healing taught to them and administered in Arabia when Arabia formed part of the Indian empire.

It will now be easy to comprehend the various Hindu customs still prevailing in West Asian countries even after the existence of Islam during the last 1300 years. Let us review some Hindu traditions which exist as the core of Islamic practice.

The Hindus have a pantheon of 33 gods. People in Asia Minor too worshipped 33 gods before the spread of Islam. The lunar calendar was introduced in West Asia during the Indian rule. The Muslim month ‘Safar’ signifying the ‘extra’ month (Adhik Maas) in the Hindu calendar. The Muslim month Rabi is the corrupt form of Ravi meaning the sun because Sanskrit ‘V’ changes into Prakrit ‘B’ (Prakrit being the popular version of Sanskrit language). The Muslim sanctity for Gyrahwi Sharif is nothing but the Hindu Ekadashi (Gyrah = elevan or Gyaarah). Both are identical in meaning.

The Islamic practice of Bakari Eed derives from the Go-Medh and Ashva-Medh Yagnas or sacrifices of Vedic times. Eed in Sanskrit means worship. The Islamic word Eed for festive days, signifying days of worship, is therefore a pure Sanskrit word. The word MESH in the Hindu zodiac signifies a lamb. Since in ancient times the year used to begin with the entry of the sun in Aries, the occasion was celebrated with mutton feasting. That is the origin of the Bakari Eed festival.

[Note: The word Bakari is an Indian language word for a goat.]

Since Eed means worship and Griha means ‘house’, the Islamic word Idgah signifies a ‘House of worship’ which is the exact Sanskrit connotation of the term. Similarly the word ‘Namaz’ derives from two Sanskrit roots ‘Nama’ and ‘Yajna’ (NAMa yAJna) meaning bowing and worshipping.

Vedic descriptions about the moon, the different stellar constellations and the creation of the universe have been incorporated from the Vedas in Koran part 1 chapter 2, stanza 113, 114, 115, and 158, 189, chapter 9, stanza 37 and chapter 10, stanzas 4 to 7.

Recital of the Namaz five times a day owes its origin to the Vedic injunction of Panchmahayagna (five daily worship- Panch-Maha-Yagna) which is part of the daily Vedic ritual prescribed for all individuals.

Muslims are enjoined cleanliness of five parts of the body before commencing prayers. This derives from the Vedic injuction ‘Shareer Shydhyartham Panchanga Nyasah’.

Four months of the year are regarded as very sacred in Islamic custom. The devout are enjoined to abstain from plunder and other evil deeds during that period. This originates in the Chaturmasa i.e., the four-month period of special vows and austerities in Hindu tradition. Shabibarat is the corrupt form of Shiva Vrat and Shiva Ratra. Since the Kaaba has been an important centre of Shiva (Siva) worship from times immemorial, the Shivaratri festival used to be celebrated there with great gusto. It is that festival which is signified by the Islamic word Shabibarat.

Encyclopaedias tell us that there are inscriptions on the side of the Kaaba walls. What they are, no body has been allowed to study, according to the correspondence I had with an American scholar of Arabic. But according to hearsay at least some of those inscriptions are in Sanskrit, and some of them are stanzas from the Bhagavad Gita.

According to extant Islamic records, Indian merchants had settled in Arabia, particularly in Yemen, and their life and manners deeply influenced those who came in touch with them. At Ubla there was a large number of Indian settlements. This shows that Indians were in Arabia and Yemen in sufficient strength and commanding position to be able to influence the local people. This could not be possible unless they belonged to the ruling class.

It is mentioned in the Abadis i.e., the authentic traditions of Prophet Mohammad compiled by Imam Bukhari that the Indian tribe of Jats had settled in Arabia before Prophet Mohammad’s times. Once when Hazrat Ayesha, wife of the Prophet, was taken ill, her nephew sent for a Jat physician for her treatment. This proves that Indians enjoyed a high and esteemed status in Arabia. Such a status could not be theirs unless they were the rulers. Bukhari also tells us that an Indian Raja (king) sent a jar of ginger pickles to the Prophet. This shows that the Indian Jat Raja ruled an adjacent area so as to be in a position to send such an insignificant present as ginger pickles. The Prophet is said to have so highly relished it as to have told his colleagues also to partake of it. These references show that even during Prophet Mohammad’s times Indians retained their influential role in Arabia, which was a dwindling legacy from Vikramaditya’s times.

The Islamic term ‘Eed-ul-Fitr’ derives from the ‘Eed of Piters’ that is worship of forefathers in Sanskrit tradition. In India, Hindus commemorate their ancestors during the Pitr-Paksha that is the fortnight reserved for their remembrance. The very same is the significance of ‘Eed-ul-Fitr’ (worship of forefathers).

The Islamic practice of observing the moon rise before deciding on celebrating the occasion derives from the Hindu custom of breaking fast on Sankranti and Vinayaki Chaturthi only after sighting the moon.

Barah Vafat, the Muslim festival for commemorating those dead in battle or by weapons, derives from a similar Sanskrit tradition because in Sanskrit ‘Phiphaut’ is ‘death’. Hindus observe Chayal Chaturdashi in memory of those who have died in battle.

The word Arabia is itself the abbreviation of a Sanskrit word. The original word is ‘Arabasthan’. Since Prakrit ‘B’ is Sanskrit ‘V’ the original Sanskrit name of the land is ‘Arvasthan’. ‘Arva’ in Sanskrit means a horse. Arvasthan signifies a land of horses., and as well all know, Arabia is famous for its horses.

This discovery changes the entire complexion of the history of ancient India. Firstly we may have to revise our concepts about the king who had the largest empire in history. It could be that the expanse of king Vikramaditya’s empire was greater than that of all others. Secondly, the idea that the Indian empire spread only to the east and not in the west beyond say, Afghanisthan may have to be abandoned. Thirdly the effeminate and pathetic belief that India, unlike any other country in the world could by some age spread her benign and beatific cultural influence, language, customs, manners and education over distant lands without militarily conquering them is baseless. India did conquer all those countries physically wherever traces of its culture and language are still extant and the region extended from Bali island in the south Pacific to the Baltic in Northern Europe and from Korea to Kaaba. The only difference was that while Indian rulers identified themselves with the local population and established welfare states, Moghuls and others who ruled conquered lands perpetuated untold atrocities over the vanquished.

‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ tells us that a pan-Arabic poetic symposium used to be held in Mecca at the annual Okaj fair in pre-Islamic times. All leading poets used to participate in it.

Poems considered best were awarded prizes. The best-engraved on gold plate were hung inside the temple. Others etched on camel or goatskin were hung outside. Thus for thousands of years the Kaaba was the treasure house of the best Arabian poetic thought inspired by the Indian Vedic tradition.

That tradition being of immemorial antiquity many poetic compositions were engraved and hung inside and outside on the walls of the Kaaba. But most of the poems got lost and destroyed during the storming of the Kaaba by Prophet Mohammad’s troops. The Prophet’s court poet, Hassan-bin-Sawik, who was among the invaders, captured some of the treasured poems and dumped the gold plate on which they were inscribed in his own home. Sawik’s grandson, hoping to earn a reward carried those gold plates to Khalif’s court where he met the well-known Arab scholar Abu Amir Asamai. The latter received from the bearer five gold plates and 16 leather sheets with the prize-winning poems engraved on them. The bearer was sent away happy bestowed with a good reward.

On the five gold plates were inscribed verses by ancient Arab poets like Labi Baynay, Akhatab-bin-Turfa and Jarrham Bintoi. That discovery made Harun-al-Rashid order Abu Amir to compile a collection of all earlier compositions. One of the compositions in the collection is a tribute in verse paid by Jarrham Bintoi, a renowned Arab poet, to king Vikramaditya. Bintoi who lived 165 years before Prophet Mohammad had received the highest award for the best poetic compositions for three years in succession in the pan-Arabic symposiums held in Mecca every year. All those three poems of Bintoi adjudged best were hung inside the Kaaba temple, inscribed on gold plates. One of these constituted an unreserved tribute to King Vikramaditya for his paternal and filial rule over Arabia. That has already been quoted above.

Pre-Islamic Arabian poet Bintoi’s tribute to king Vikramaditya is a decisive evidence that it was king Vikramaditya who first conquered the Arabian Peninsula and made it a part of the Indian Empire. This explains why starting from India towards the west we have all Sanskrit names like Afghanisthan (now Afghanistan), Baluchisthan, Kurdisthan, Tajikiathan, Uzbekisthan,  Iran, Sivisthan, Iraq, Arvasthan, Turkesthan (Turkmenisthan) etc.

Historians have blundered in not giving due weight to the evidence provided by Sanskrit names pervading over the entire west Asian region. Let us take a contemporary instance. Why did a part of India get named Nagaland even after the end of British rule over India? After all historical traces are wiped out of human memory, will a future age historian be wrong if he concludes from the name Nagaland that the British or some English speaking power must have ruled over India? Why is Portuguese spoken in Goa (part of India), and French in Pondichery (part of India), and both French and English in Canada? Is it not because those people ruled over the territories where their languages are spoken? Can we not then justly conclude that wherever traces of Sanskrit names and traditions exist Indians once held sway? It is unfortunate that this important piece of decisive evidence has been ignored all these centuries.

Another question which should have presented itself to historians for consideration is how could it be that Indian empires could extend in the east as far as Korea and Japan, while not being able to make headway beyond Afghanisthan? In fact land campaigns are much easier to conduct than by sea. It was the Indians who ruled the entire West Asian region from Karachi to Hedjaz and who gave Sanskrit names to those lands and the towns therein, introduce their pantheon of the fire-worship, imparted education and established law and order.

It may be that Arabia itself was not part of the Indian empire until king Vikrama , since Bintoi says that it was king Vikrama who for the first time brought about a radical change in the social, cultural and political life of Arabia. It may be that the whole of West Asia except Arabia was under Indian rule before Vikrama. The latter added Arabia too to the Indian Empire. Or as a remote possibility it could be that king Vikramaditya himself conducted a series of brilliant campaigns annexing to his empire the vast region between Afghanisthan and Hedjaz.

Incidentally this also explains why king Vikramaditya is so famous in history. Apart from the nobility and truthfulness of heart and his impartial filial affection for all his subjects, whether Indian or Arab, as testified by Bintoi, king Vikramaditya has been permanently enshrined in the pages of history because he was the world’s greatest ruler having the largest empire. It should be remembered that only a monarch with a vast empire gets famous in world history. Vikram Samvat (calendar still widely in use in India today) which he initiated over 2000 years ago may well mark his victory over Arabia, and the so called Kutub Minar (Kutub Tower in Delhi), a pillar commemorating that victory and the consequential marriage with the Vaihika (Balkh) princess as testified by the nearby iron pillar inscription.

A great many puzzles of ancient world history get automatically solved by a proper understanding of these great conquests of king Vikramaditya. As recorded by the Arab poet Bintoi, Indian scholars, preachers and social workers spread the fire-worship ceremony, preached the Vedic way of life, manned schools, set up Ayurvedic (healing) centres, trained the local people in irrigation and agriculture and established in those regions a democratic, orderly, peaceful, enlightened and religious way of life. That was of course, a Vedic Hindu way of life.

It is from such ancient times that Indian Kshtriya royal families, like the Pahalvis and Barmaks, have held sway over Iran and Iraq. It is those conquests, which made the Parsees Agnihotris i.e., fire-worshippers. It is therefore that we find the Kurds of Kurdisthan speaking a Sanskritised dialect, fire temples existing thousands of miles away from India, and scores of sites of ancient Indian cultural centres like Navbahar in West Asia and the numerous viharas in Soviet Russia spread throughout the world. Ever since so many viharas are often dug up in Soviet Russia, ancient Indian sculptures are also found in excavations in Central Asia. The same goes for West Asia.

[Note: Ancient Indian sculptures include metal statues of the Hindu deity Ganesh (the elephant headed god); the most recent find being in Kuwait].

Unfortunately these chapters of world history have been almost obliterated from public memory. They need to be carefully deciphered and rewritten. When these chapters are rewritten they might change the entire concept and orientation of ancient history.

In view of the overwhelming evidence led above, historians, scholars, students of history and lay men alike should take note that they had better revise their text books of ancient world history. The existence of Hindu customs, shrines, Sanskrit names of whole regions, countries and towns and the Vikramaditya inscriptions reproduced at the beginning are a thumping proof that Indian Kshatriyas once ruled over the vast region from Bali to Baltic and Korea to Kaaba in Mecca, Arabia at the very least.

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The following explanation is reproduced from the Sword of Truth archives.

All Arabic copies of the Koran have the mysterious figure 786 imprinted on them . No Arabic scholar has been able to determine the choice of this particular number as divine. It is an established fact that Muhammad was illiterate therefore it is obvious that he would not be able to differentiate numbers from letters. This “magical” number is none other than the Vedic holy letter “OM” written in Sanskrit (Refer to figure 2).
Devnagri NumbersOm Allah


Anyone who knows Sanskrit can try reading the symbol for “OM” backwards in the Arabic way and magically the numbers 786 will appear! Muslims in their ignorance simply do not realise that this special number is nothing more than the holiest of Vedic symbols misread.
Word Id is a sanskrit word meaning worship and Idam – means “i worship”.
Allah in sanskrit means “Universal Mother DURGA” GOD is neither male or female and also he is both. HE is undefinable. So GOD is called DURGA. He is universal Father and Mother both.
Mallika refers to Mother Goddess Durga (Shiva is also called MALLIKA ARJUN – ancient name for Shiva)
Isha means Mother Durga again and Fridays are HER worship days since ancient times in Hindus.
Also the word “Jummah” is present in Maha MrityunJaya Mantra ” Om Jummah Shivaya, Om Bhur Bhuvvah Swaha, Om Tryambhakam Yajamahe…”

Ummah also means Mother Godddess Durga. There were idols of Allah in Makka or Kabaleshwaran Temple. 
In Tamil there is a word for Shiva Temple namely “Kabaleshwaran Temple”.

Islam and its thoughts are same as in Keno Upanishad
Uma, the Golden Goddess (29)
Paraphrased- simplified- abridged
By R.R.Diwakar

At whose desire does the mind function, who puts first the vital force into motion? This has been an eternal question. “The Brahman or the transcendent and immanent Spirit,” answers the Rishi (sage) the seer of the Kenopanishad. It is neither seen by the eye nor heard by the ear. Nor does the mind know it. The Spirit, on the other hand, is the seer of the eye, the hearer of the ear, and the knower of the mind. It is through the power of all this all-pervasive Spirit that everything else functions. It is beyond the reach of the senses and can only be felt like a mighty presence through intuition. It is that Spirit which is real God and not the many gods that people worship.

Sanskrit is older than a billion years as it exists before RAM was born and even much before this cycle of Life and Death. So there is no question of Sanskrit being inherited from any other language other than Prakrit which came straight from Shiva (who is the Holy Spirit).

The Arabs flourished under the rule of Vikramadita – as  arabs know him as Bikramatum.
Group of African tribes used to chant word OM while on Mekkah pilgrimage. Om is nothing but Allah.
So we all are one belonging to ONE GOD who wants us to live only in peace and harmony.

One has to beleive that GOD can never like to preach humans  “Humanity” through wars and attacks.
No! My soul, My Zameer says no, GOD can have never asked to do this!
Then who?

Its Man and his evil ambitions who mislead mankind to evil doers. Everytime a GOD man dies, man takes undue advantage and uses HIS teachings for Power!

 The world has changed terribly in past 3000 years. Man has lost his glory.
The Glory of Lord Krishna and teachings of Ram who even befriended his
enemies through HIS teachings, all are lost.

Though a ray of Hope as written in Vedas that Lord Vishnu comes back as Kalki to bring back all to humanity is still prevailing in my mind! Sathya Sai baba is really doing a lot to bring all together!

Anyways again i want to mention that Hindu is not a religion, its a way of living peacefully and harmoniously with all. We are not promoting any language or religion or culture here…just that we need to know facts as we are human beings.

Im surprised that the two cultures who have so much culture resemblance and who managed to flourish together as a SUPER POWER before the Britishers arrived are now divided.
I wish all come together as “One Kind” – Human Beings and make this world a happy place for our children. Im sure this is the only way we can bring a smile on GOD’s lovely face.

Peace be to all the worlds. May all prevail in consciousness removing the bad thoughts in our minds.
Loka Samstha Sukhino Bhava, Sarve Santu Niramaya.



  1. dp999 said,

    Words like Baharat and Ananas in Arabic too show that they were derived from Sanskrit. Baharat is used for spices which were traded from Bharat to all over the world. The letter “Bha” is absent in arabic, so here is the proof.

    Ananas is used for Pineapple in both arabic and sanskrit.
    Sanskrit being billion year old language prooves the latter derived it from Sanskrit.

  2. S.K.Misra said,


  3. dp999 said,

    Please all readers read this article with a aspect of love and a thought of uniting ourselves rather than thinking in narrow terms of religions.

    History speaks of Prophets strong ties and memories of love with Hindustan.
    There was never any attack on Bharat from Prophet (PBUH), until he lived,as who else will know that GOD is one and for all and all belong to that ONE GOD.
    The prophet was a realised soul and taught only words of peace.

    Mine is not an attempt to draw attention or get people to any religion.
    Myself dont beleive in categorising people to any religion…i believe GOD only made rules (paths) to behave as good humans and set examples for the world to come.Isnt HE just like a mother who always tells all her children to behave? A Mother will never like her children fight!

    So lets just read this as an thought and finding to bring us all together.

  4. Akhilesh said,


  5. வடுவூர் குமார் said,

    Can I link this lovely post in my blog?

  6. aish said,

    okeii…. i dont agree wid categorising people as hindus, muslims or christians… as we all kno da first two humans were adam and eve and they didnt hav a proper language… so how do u think people say that dey were hindus muslims or christian???????we all shuld kno dat der is only one god nd he is da creater and protector of life….

  7. Homo sapien said,

    lol adam and eve is christian myth (with all due respect to christianity and other religions) ….. ash’s comment would be acceptable if adam and eve r replaced by start of humanity in africa (tanzania I guess…not sure). Also the wholw humanity has to accept that Vikramaditya was a legendary king, equivalent (if not more) to all the greats….. changez khan, sikandar, ashoka etc

  8. zaheen said,

    first of all i would like to appreciate the analytical approach made during this research.
    Moreover, each justification would seems to be logical, but is actually irrelevant and far away from the truth.
    i hope new finding will come only if we are honest enough to rethink over it.

    • dp999 said,

      Dear Zaheen,

      I would appreciate if others too have logical approach over pointing superiority over other human beings. No one is superior, nor anyone came first or last.
      The languages of this age are not at all the original scripts of books that came from the spiritual world of GOD…that includes today age languages like Arabic, English, Hindi or whatsoever. Even the Quran was written in another language first and has almost same moral values as in the Bhagwad Gita, written 4800 years before Christ. So there is a question of authenticity to all spiritual texts. Unless we understand that no religion is made by GOD, we cannot understand the nature of GOD. People in this age justify killing of animals for sacrifice and say it is mentioned by GOD.

      Why GOD who is like equal to all be partial to a religion, caste or form of being? The Concept of One GOD came from the Vedas in Prakrit a language far older than Sanskrit which is again far far older than Arabic, Hebrew or Armani. The Muslims say the angels and characters from the holy book are as same as in the old testament. The characters in the old testament (which was changed many times by the west politicians) are all having characters from the Puranas which are more than 4 millions years old. Nuyah(noah), Agasytaa (Agastus), the story of the man inside the whale…are all from Matsya Purana.
      The Pheonix (Vishnu’s Garuda), the Jupiter and Jeus (Indra)are all same. The ila and allah akkah are same in both Muslims and Hindus.
      In Hindus too there is a sect where people are buried and not cremated. There are sects who worship GOD without form – Advaits. There are 80,000 species of ghosts mentioned among which 2 sects are mentioned from Aravasthan in Prakrit…namely Jasood and Mahaamund. There are prophets with muslim names in hindu texts, namely Kanif, Gahnvi. Friend all i want to say that we are one.

      And i m not like the ones who conduct huge speeches first to show we are one and then go on prove superiority over other.
      i respect human values and not neo-religious traits. Very few people know that DHARMA – is not religion, but faith that tells u to do the right action at point of a decision making moment

  9. ravi said,

    it will open the eyes and mind of the world .

  10. Rizwan said,

    I do agree with the author… you probably will find more and more shared history, information, names, caste creed etc between hindus and muslims or with religions of abraham. .. In koran it says that God did not destroy any people until a messenger was sent to them to guide them to the right path. let’s not forget we all came from adam and eve, Also… Kaaba was the place where idols were stored in it.. which the prophet mohammad destroyed eventually. When abraham built the house, he did not put idols in it. Even the romans and greeks were arguing about oneness of god if you read plato and socrates… information is like a virus which carries from one people to another.
    Even God in islam did not tell the names of all the prophets that were sent to peoples of different regions. There is no doubt in my mind, that some people who existed in ancients times were prophets… they are just not recognized by us, but that doesnt mean I will put them in that category. I shall not add or subtract…

    • dp999 said,


      Human beings have been very “Superstitious” following the Bible which eventually keeps on changing time and again over what is being discovered from the east.
      The name ADAM and EVE itself are half conversions rather “Abbreviations” of the full names. EVE being originally named “hayavriteve”, also called “Ananti”, “Shatrupa”. The word word Manu is very relevant as even Europe has its scripts mentioning first man as “Manous”- Manous being straight away derived from Prakrit, Sanskrit and Marathi, having the same meaning.

      Agreeing to what Rizwan says about idol! GOD and HIS OWN AVTARS – KRISHNA, RAM have never asked for their Idols to be worshiped. But they have certainly mentioned they being GOD’s AVTAR. No one else in hinduism having similar GOD like powers are worshipped as GOD. If Aryas were ignorant they would have thought Hanuman is greater than RAM considering his powers which go beyond the imagination of even”Superman”. Hanuman being the ultimate slave of GOD had so many powers, so we can imagine the power of RAM or ALLAH or GOD or BHAGWAN whose just name-mention encrypted on the stones could float a bridge between for 1.27 millions years. Which is a seen fact, NOT MYTHOLOGY. BHAGWAN/AVTARS has always asked man to follow the inner divinity, the message of GOD and not form, not because HE cannot take form, but because form is temperory and HIS divinity, power, authority is permanent.

      In India and Abroad, people enjoy calling Indian Scriptures as Mythology, but follow other religious stories and antics blindly just because “you are not allowed to think”. Most popular belief being GOD is male. Thinking that would be against GOD? But did you know GOD wants you to ask! ask HIM and he will resolve your questions.

      We as Hindus(a name created by Mughals and British) – originally being Arya’s (Noble People) believe and always will believe that Mohamed too was a saint turned warrior from GOD and pay him due respect.

      But we also expect others to respect our culture which has records of human life and spiritual life and message of GOD for past 1.65 million years.
      What can be more convincing that GOD says BRAHMA VISHNU MAHESH are same ONE GOD and just HIS OWN PLANERY EXPANSIONS to manage the world?

      But we Human beings are BLOCK HEADS who can just limit our thinking to physical existence mostly following thoughts that are forced on us. Those who force thoughts on us are definitely having a motive of business and not spirituality.

      Just remember whether you pray GOD in name of ALLAH, BHAGWAN, SHAKTI, or YAHWEH …the POWER the ADI SHAKTI will not change!
      Whether we pray facing east, west, south and north…all prayers will a good heart are well received by GOD…cause we need to know that GOD has no limits.
      Neither to directions, nor language, nor gender, nor form(in the perspective that HE the ultimate HERO can be anything), nor does he have ego!

      It is man that has ego and has divided us all among land pieces for our own greed of power!

  11. Abdul Baasit said,

    The author has done good analysis but nothing great.
    He can fool people who haven’t read Qura’an (No disrespect but author’s conclusions are nothing new, Islamic scholars are speaking about this for ages now.)
    Please do read Dr. Zakir Naik’s literature and watch his videos. He knows Gita and Vedas much better than the author i guess (Again no disrespect but nothing wrong in telling a knowledgeable person knowledgeable.).
    Every Muslim who has read Quraan knows from ages that Kabah Sharif was a house where Abraham worshipped (built by Abraham ofcourse). And he was not of the idolators. After him the idolators started keeping their idols in Kabah Sharif.
    Only after Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) fulfilled his prophecy was he commanded by Allah to clean the house where Abraham used to pray his god when people of his era used to worship idols.
    OM corresponds to “Unique, formless GOD” and so does “Allah” is something which is said quite a longtime now and that too first by Islamic scholars which their Hindu counterparts never want to accept for whatever reason.

    Gita 7-24: “The ignorant believe that un-manifest Para Brahma (One God) incarnates or takes manifestations, because they do not completely understand My highest, immutable, incomparable, and transcendental existence.”
    unmanifest — absolute, unique, formless.
    incarnates — taking a form specially humanly form.
    manifestations — reveal, display, be visible.
    immutable — unchangable, unalterable.
    transcendence – supreme.

    So the simple interpretation of above line from Gita says ” The ignorant class of people believe that the “absolute, unique, formless” ONE GOD can take human form or be visible in forms, because they do not completely understand my highest, unalterable, incomparable and supreme existence.”

    The only religion which worships a GOD similar to the one mentioned in above phrase of Gita is ISLAM (Again no superiority over any other people but fact remains fact).

    Allah says in Al-Qura’an that he has sent 1Lakh 24Thousand and 1 Prophets for mankind. And commands to the believers to make no distinction among them.
    Of the Prophets some name are revealed in Qura’an and some are not. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah being the one which are revealed. Also in Al-Qura’an Allah says to Mohammed (S.A.W) “There were prophets before you of which some we have revealed and related their story to you and some we have not.” “Make no distinction between my prophets.”
    Allah says in Al-Qura’an “Every prophet was directed towards a community and every nation was blessed with a prophet except Mohammed (S.A.W) who is for the entire mankind” and hence has an upper-hand over the rest of prophets but still no distinction is allowed.
    Every sensible and literate (one who understands Al-Qura’an) Muslim respects every other religion coz the people might be worshipping a prophet just like christianity who worship Jesus (one of the prophets) but that does not mean we leave everything and start worshipping the prophets which is not allowed as their duty was to guide you on the path of Allah and worshipping them will not only be a betrayal to Allah but also an insult to Allah’s beloved prophets.

    As far as the word “786” its a very recent innovation (as compared to the 1431 years since Islam is revealed). Its a numerical summation of arabic phrase “bismillah ir rehman nir rahim” which means “I start with the name of Allah – The most benificient, most merciful” and every Muslim knows this. (I am surprised that the author says that Islamic scholars dont have an answer to this. Have you ever to spoken to a real Islamic Scholar or you just take wild guesses.)

    Last but not the least “Every Prophet’s duty was to guard the innocent humans from the clutches of the arrogant rich class, teach the righteous way of Life, true path to GOD and deliver prophecy of the Last Prophet. Even Gita and Vedas have a mention of “Mohammed”.
    God never wanted to create religions but his creation of religion was a process and people assumed religions in the middle of this process. Every Prophet was blessed with some super natural power so that normal humans can distinguish and identify them as “A person from GOD for the people”. But due to this power and their super humble and enriched with wisdom nature people started praying them when they are gone and the same continues till date.

    • dp999 said,

      Dear Hafiz,

      Summation of what all is mentioned in the above article is to mention that GOD is father to all and not one particular sect. On the other hand the Vedas, Puran come straight from the mouth of MAHA VISHNU( GOD or ALLAH) which was first revealed to BRAHMA and then PUSHAN (our SOLAR SYSTEM SUN ), who in return spoke to the saints on earth. This was revealed to Pushan 40,000 Yugas ago, each being 1,47,000 human years. Saints or Prophets are not worshipped in Hinduism. GOD has clearly said 5000 years before Quran and 1.2 Million years before Quran in to contexts – The Bhagwad Puran (Which you call “Quran”) and the Bhagwad Gita(Song of GOD).

      The Gita 7-24: verse you foretell here is a “FOLK TALE”! Read the GITA and know that GOD says that he is not defined. HE is form and no form both. HE mentions that the wise dont argue on this, rather follow the “Bhakti – or full faith or submission to GOD” aspect. Now if im right ISLAM too means “Submission to GOD”.
      Secondly ALLAH is not the personal name of GOD, rather the ARABIC translation to word GOD.

      And to PROVE YOU AND YOUR MENTOR “ZAKIR NAIK” wrong i mention again:
      Read Sanskrit and Prakrit: “Yadaa Yadaa hi dharmasya, glanirr bhavati bharat, abhyutanam adharmasya tadatmanamah syujyanaham, paritranaya sadhunaam, dharma sansthapanarthaya, vinashaya dushtakritah,sambhavaamee yuge yuge ” – Now i will convert this to simple english, which possibly Mr. Naik can read and lend his eyes and mind without ego.
      Meaning:- Whenever and ever the world see’s “Virtue” and “Good” fall, when ever evil conquers bharat and the people seem helpless to stop the violence and evil activities, whenever the innocent and good people are harmed and their existence comes to a nearing end, then to re-establish dharma or “virtuousness”, I (GOD)and only I(GOD) come to the rescue of mankind.

      With full respect, now where does GITA ever say that “I(GOD)” don’t manifest? Do you think GOD has ego like you? GOD is complicated yet simple than you ever think. HE IS PURE LOVE and HE CAN DO ANYTHING FOR HIS DEVOTEES OUT OF THAT LOVE my friend. ONE with ego cannot be GOD. One with ego is BHRAHMA(Illusion…meaning the creation)…not GOD! certainly not.
      There are fake people posting as GODly men, but an AVTAR is not fake.
      Kali Yuga has evidences of fake avtars coming…and they have fallen.
      When a true Avtar arrives he shows all HIS SUPREME PERSONALITY to the manifested.

      The vedas have never mentioned the name “Mohammed”. Dont follow Zakir Naik blindly. We respect Islam and the Prophet, as we know GOD is one and we are not here to distinguish or show superiority. “Mamadh” in rigveda is to the context of “Mam(I)” – “Adh” “God Speaking”. People who dont know sanskrit or prakrit are speaking fearlessly ;)…making it a joke! Anyways, this is also mentioned in Bhrighru Samhita after Mahabharata, that the age of satan will have people without knowledge speak about Sanskrit and Holy Books completely out of the context, their aim being to create disharmony. Zakir is certainly a good “Marketing” guy but his aim is certainly not peace. I have watched most of his videos and he is a complete “Brain Wash”.
      Misleading people from the real Unity of Mankind.

      Simply, we need to know that we are one, wearing a different skin, that’s it. Those who go on the path of violence against innocent cannot be judged to be fighting for GOD. And saying this certainly all innocent human beings “All” should be respected.

      Dear, if you read the Quran (and from the excerpts above in your own words) always speaks of GOD saying “WE”, meaning the trinity of GODHEAD. Educated and Learned Hindus know that BRAHMA VISHNU SHIVA are not three but ONE “PARBRAHMA”…even known as “DUTTA”. The Vedas mention that whomsoever thinks that these trinity are seperate identity will certainly go to hell for a cycle of one creation(1,47,000 human years).

      All demi gods are but light forms of GOD HIMSELF. IF GOD says he never came on earth for HIS people, then its like saying GOD has ego and that is certainly doubting the uniqueness of GOD.

      In hinduism we have prophets from GOD, to name a few “Parashar”, “Vasishtha”, “Agastya”, Veda Vyasa, Nyuhah, Manu (Manous or Adam), Shaunak…but they are not worshipped. Demi Gods like Agni, Indra, Pushan, Vayu are not worshipped, but called upon for Puja when we give obalation to GOD. GOD has allocated these angels to protect man and other good beings on earth and beyond. KRISHNA Avtar speaks that HE was just 1% of GOD’s entire power. The coming of entire power would burn all the three worlds in this solar system. The seven skies mentioned in Quran are already mentioned in BHAGWAD PURAN 1.2 Million years ago by GOD himself.

      Now to explain what is not ignorance. Hanuman the mightiest slave of GOD, as you said in Quran that GOD has given power to prophets, Hanuman has the power to carry the entire solar system on his finger…but hindus dont consider him to be GOD…so where is the ignorance.

      Worshiping Shiva or Vishnu is not wrong as if you really read Puranas, you will know that SHIVA and VISHNU are ONE.
      The coming of the warrior from GOD (Kalki Avtaar) is already mentioned in Kalki Purana, thousands of years before Quran was revealed and more than half the earth already knew about it.

      Just as GOD never wanted to create any religions, let me tell you my friend that Hinduism is not a religion. It welcomes thoughts which bring us more closer to GOD from all communities. Unless those prayers are for the poor, the needy, the troubled…they are a total waste, may it be unteem number of times a day.

      In ancient times, Brahmins used to pray 5 times a day, bathing 5 times. GOD in GITA said that all those prayers are a real waste if they are meant to harm others, think about worldly desires. If you work continuously and keep praying to GOD doing your duties as a good human being, you will reach GOD

      So my dear friend, to conclude…we have been restricting to open thinking about GOD’s nature. We have been binding GOD to books without trying to know that GOD needs his children to be living as one and not divided as desired by satan.

      The word “Bhagwan” and the word “Shaitaan” both come from Sanskrit and Vedas which are far far older than all books from GOD.

      And to let you know “OM” is the formless aspect of GOD. From OM arrived the big bang, the creation, the father and mother of demi-gods (devas), gandhravas the demons (rakshasas, ginis(yaksha), pischachas(ghosts), lowerbeings, etc).

      We all arrived and came into being because of Aham – ego. Once we forget our ego over each other and think about GOD, ALLAH or BHAWAN, we are free from all hatred, free from all lust and thus ONE with GOD.

      Take care,
      forget religions and think of the Al Mighty in your own faith!

      • Abdul Baasit said,

        I never said “Allah” is name of GOD. Al-Qura’an is written in arabic so ofcourse GOD (English word) will be mentioned as Allah (Arabic word). I guess i know Arabic better than you.
        “OM” is the formless aspect of GOD, well thats what i said in my comment (try reading things carefully).
        Nowhere in my comment did i mentioned that follow only Islam but i just cleared your misconceptions about “786” and “Al-Kabah being a Hindu temple”. It was converted into a hindu temple later after it was built by Abraham (who used to worship the formless GOD without any idols).
        God liked this way of worshipping and hence commanded Mohammed (S.A.W) to clean his house and remove the idols and also commanded that whoever follows GOD and believes in prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) turn his face towards Kabah while worshipping be wherever you are. Earlier people used to face “baitul mukaddes (in Israel)” for praying. This change in direction, Allah bought to see who really believes in the “ONE FORMLESS GOD and the FINAL PROPHET”.
        I dont know what you have read about “Al-Kabah” but whatever you were trying to spread is a lie thats what i wanted to clarify.
        Also idols being kept in Al-Kabah was nothing new revelation but Al-Qura’an already speaks about it. And it does say that its a house built by Abraham for worshipping the “ONE FORMLESS GOD” and after him the idolators started keeping idols in it. Till Abraham lived, no idol was kept in Al-Kabah because he didnt liked idol worshipping and hence used to pray “GOD” sitting inside the house like meditation.
        If you say people misquote GITA fearlessly without knowing the truth so are you doing the same thing spreading lie about Al-Kabah without knowing the truth and without even knowing Al-Qura’an.
        If you knew Al-Qura’an then you would not have got surprised with archeological survey in Kuwait or whatever.
        Also you telling Arabs were hindus well Al-Qura’an already says “Arabs were idol worshippers” so even that is nothing great which u are telling. All Muslims know that.
        Even i believe in harmony and peace coz Al-Qura’an also mentions that “If you save one human you deserve the reward of saving the entire human race and if you kill one human you commit a sin of killing the entire human race”, “Maintain Pease”, “Religion is not a compulsion so do not force anybody to follow ISLAM but only spread the message and let the people decide for themselves”
        But i still need to clear your misconceptions and so was doing the same and had no intention to misquote or mislead people.

  12. dp999 said,


    Please think before you point fingers you need to see what is written. And please read who is spreading a discrimination. Check for yourself. Whatever i’ve said is out of research and recognition and not blindly follow people who dont allow you to reason.

    With full respect i love Quran, because 99% of the human values already exist in Bhagwad Puran, Shiva Puran and Bhagwad Gita. I would also say that the teachings of the prophet were not 100% followed after his depearture, same in the case what has happened after the departure of every AVTAR.

    Story of Abraham:
    Abraham(Possibly “Manu” – first man according to Hindus) is the mighty king who carried the stone from east to Mecca. Manu has been recorded to carry shiva-linga (GODs soul form) to 21 such places on earth, 12 being in India. This story of Abraham installing the stone in mecca is also in Quran, thus making it clear that idol worship was then too not considered as malpractice, as now. One more thing, one doesnt require walls and boundaries, directions to pray as we do in Hindus and Muslims and Christians. What one requires is will and concentration. May u call HIM by any name, HE will respond, HE has no ego. Not like what Mr. Zakir is promoting it or marketing a false image of GOD. Read the “Narsimha Puran” to know how the demon “Hiranyakashyipu” didnt believe in GOD, destroyed all idols of GOD, tried to kill his own son and how GOD appeared from wall on request of his greatest devotee Prahlad. Certainly GOD has no ego.

    One of the Hadiths read, ALLAH saying to a great devotee: I came to you yesterday as a sick man and you didnt help me. This means GOD is everywhere, GOD is everchanging but yet the same, GOD is infinite and ever multiplying, form and formless. You and Me both dont have the intelligence to define GOD, nor does the most learned one have.

    Your concept about worship is misguided. The one who pray to GOD with a clear, honest mind, without thinking other things, evil things are the ones who are “believers” (may they be from any religion), doesnt matter to GOD. What matters is self-less love as mentioned in GITA. Selfless service to other needy beings, parents, poor, troubled is service to GOD and nothing else. No service or prayer is greater than this.

    When Vikramaditya or BIKRAM (famous in Persian text) ruled Mecca, it was the best region will all cultures having spiritual discussions in Mecca. In was a epicenter of spirituality. Primarily place of SHIVA, as Bikram or Vikramaditya was SHIVA devotee and worshipped the shiva linga. The Shiva Linga he had is the current one present there which is all worshippable form of the etrnal soul “GOD”. It has immense powers and thus rulers have been trying to grab it over centuries. This story is very old. More than 5 thousand years. Later this place was captured by Monguls, Hunas in 100 BC and all rules were changed. Wrong practices of worship followed. Thus GOD sent Mohamed.

    To tell you our Hindu texts have mentioned SHIVA’s own 5 slaves:
    Veer Bhadra, Kapal, Vetaal, Jasood, Mohamand (the last two beings from Arabasthan). I can show you this. So i certainly believe Mohmand is slave of Allah or SHIVA.

    You say all Arabs know that they were idol worshippers, so then what makes you defiant about the article which says they were Hindus? i find no logic in your interpretation and understanding.

    Rather my dear friend you need to sit calmly and think again that this article is just knowledge sharing and not trying to win over some community. I dont need to do that. Cause im more of a believer of GOD, than the man made religion. If anyone could absorb GOD’s words reading multiple languages, nothing is wrong in it. Its a GOD given gift.

    Finally i appreciate that you too like peace as mentioned in Quran which again is mentioned in Puran in the same context. We should be happy that we are so same even though the world has tried to tear the people apart for their own benefit.

    The words Puran and Quran too are having phonic resemblance, which should rather bring the sense of Oneness in both communities.

  13. nazia khan said,

    Abdul Baasit u dont knw anything whatever authr said tht all true .i hd recher on islam …we muslims are came from hindus …our 4father were hindus.thst only better truth…………….

  14. vijay said,

    I totally agree with auther. This whole region was practicing hinduism. Like i talk to my one muslim freind that what is that sange bosa. He said that every muslim who perfonm hajj he have to touch that black stone… then they said that the hajj is sampoorn. I say then it is same like we hindus pray to lord shiva he say yes. So auther is right that after muhhammmad there was lot of politics and muslims start saying that we r totally different than hindus. Like now u can see there is so many sirnames still in pakistan Chohan Gill Bhatt Bhatti Sandhu Sethi…..but they brainrwash if u talk with them they will say that we rule u guys long time. So this is just ego i told to one guy that u did not rule us actually they rule u guys because we r still there where our fore fathers were. Because of greed or by afraid u guys convert not we so how they rule us. Same thing in punjab now so many sikh start saying that there is nothing is similar betbeen hindus and sikh . But if u see there prayer start with they SHIVA BAR MOHE IHE shub karman tey kabhoon na taroon againLord Shiba but some politacal persons r trying to even divide hindus and sikhs so a wise man know everything.Om Namay Shivaye

  15. Sukhvinder Singh said,

    Dear Author,
    I am Sikh & a firm believer that there is one almighty. Hindu religion came into existence from the very existence of humanity. All other religions are its tributaries. But each religion came into existence because the Hindu civilization had lost its original essence. Hindu philosophy is like a pure water & air made for every one & for the well being of all universe, but with time the man corrupted its core value ( by introducing cast system, hollow rituals, suppression of women..) which benefited the ruling class or Brahmins.
    Today every thing has been polluted, religion, human core values, our mother nature. This is a Kalyug & we have forgotten the peacefully nature & message of religion. Religion is like a school for Humans to make them civilized & teach them how to live in this beautiful world. Every religion is like a uniform we wear to go to a school. In a school to excel in ur class u should show dedication, hard work, discipline & so on. Today humans have lost the very basic meaning of the religion, which is spirituality.
    Europeans have made every effort to change the history, which suits them. They took language, culture, cloths, music, food, sciences… from Hindu ( Arya) civilization. Hindu civilization is the cradle of humanity. Let’s prey to almighty for peace & betterment of all mankind as I feel the this world has become fully of sin & corrupt people. May god bless u all.

  16. Airata said,

    Everybody are trying their level best to explain what is the truth and not.To me it`s very simple, I absorb the good messages from any where,Hinduism, Buddism,Christianity,Islam or even from the Pagans as far it says good things for mankind.Anyway,no one have returned from Heavan and anyone who goes there will ever return.Hell and Heavan are created to teach mankind to do good and not evil and to build fear on mankind.All mankind needs 8 hours peaceful sleep and must drink and eat to servive ,you can be Hindu,Christian,Buddist,Islam or pagans.Let`s pray and die peacefully in old age.

    • dp999 said,

      Dear Airata,

      Your concept about life is the best i have ever seen across on this message board. Everyone should learn from you about living peacefully.
      But life is not all about sleep, eat and drink. Or else what use is of Human Intelligence? and what then would be the difference between us and a Animal?
      E.g. an Eagle lives for food may whatever be it, drinks from whatever source be it, sleeps.

      Some saints or messengers were allowed to travel to Heaven and come back to earth with messages of peace and right ways of living. Im going to write about this in my next topic. Unfortunately we gave them term as religion. Consequences? we all see how opportunist people are still using it for violence. Right?

      The ONE thing that is being missed to understand, is that, all prayers are answered by that ONE POWER…called it GOD or SHAKTI or BHAGWAN.
      HE appears to the most devout in forms that seems pleasant to the devotee. Such is HIS humbleness and compassion for HIS lovers.
      Thus all those who pray with love and not hatred, are BELIEVERS. Rest all are praying to some other evil self ego which is NOT certainly the ALL LOVEABLE GOD.

      Cheers! let all mankind live in peace.

  17. sumit sharma said,

    First of all a simple example of existence of hinduism in pre-islamic arabia is that when you write allah in arabic just turn it round it will resemble like “OM”.

  18. Samir kohli said,

    nice research more they are having same weddeing traditions saqgai ,mehndi ki rat chuni ,birthssunth and death fourteen day mourn

  19. Annonymus said,

    Rig-Veda, Book 10
    HYMN CXXIX. Creation.
    1. THEN was not non-existent nor existent: there was no realm of air, no sky beyond it.
    What covered in, and where? and what gave shelter? Was water there, unfathomed depth of water?
    2. Death was not then, nor was there aught immortal: no sign was there, the day’s and night’s divider.
    That One Thing, breathless, breathed by its own nature: apart from it was nothing whatsoever.
    3. Darkness there was: at first concealed in darkness this All was indiscriminated chaos.
    All that existed then was void and form less: by the great power of Warmth was born that Unit.
    4. Thereafter rose Desire in the beginning, Desire, the primal seed and germ of Spirit.
    Sages who searched with their heart’s thought discovered the existent’s kinship in the non-existent.
    5. Transversely was their severing line extended: what was above it then, and what below it?
    There were begetters, there were mighty forces, free action here and energy up yonder
    6. Who verily knows and who can here declare it, whence it was born and whence comes this creation?
    The Gods are later than this world’s production. Who knows then whence it first came into being?
    7. He, the first origin of this creation, whether he formed it all or did not form it,
    Whose eye controls this world in highest heaven, he verily knows it, or perhaps he knows not.

  20. Muru said,

    Dear Author,
    Thanks for your valuable information.
    4 me all the religion are same, teaching us the good ways.

    In Tamil we said ” Onre kulam Oruvane Dhevan” its mean that All the human in this world are same and God is only one for all the mankind.

    one more thing, in temple whenever we pray, at the end of the prayer we will say together loudly this phrase : ” Tennaattavarudayeh Shivaneh Pohtri, Ennattavarukkum Iraivah Potri ” . Its mean that If we worship lord Shiva here, its equal like we worship the other people”s God and will receive the blessing from them .

    So, me as a Hindu Follower, proud and will respect all the other people’s believe and religion as much as i respect mine………

    So, Only One God For All The Mankind in this World.

    Go for Peace my Brothers and sisters…………………….

  21. Rahi said,

    very nice and hard work done by author, i must say really powerful words are used
    but please will someone clarify why all comparing or blending the Islam with their religion.
    and ya keep comparing

    • sumit sharma said,

      Dear Rahi,
      The first thing which i would like to say is that no one has really understood the meaning of religion. Religion means Dharma and Dharma means your duties. It be Islam or christainity or any other religion except hinduism are not religions but they are paths set by their founders. They just teach how a human being must live. All religions were set according to the natural facilities available at that time and the place from where they were established. For instance, hindu festivals are mostly based on the weather and climate changes. The diet during those festivals is also according to the climate which suites your body.Hinduism is not a religion but is a culture. All other religions believe that everything is god’s, but hindus believe that god is in everything. We see god in all his creations and according to me hindu literature itself is such vast that scholars have no time to compare with other religion, they are busy in finding hidden knowledge in the hindu literature.

  22. Lucky Mason said,

    Dear All, I agree with what Sukhvinder said only to add that any religion that we have today are all versions from the same “Sanatana Dharma” with little modifications.
    There is no separate religion called “Hinduism” instilled by politics and only referred to for convinience.
    Simple examples with Technology: It all started with the “FORTRAN” (for say Sanatana Dharma) the mother of all computer languages and OS to have different versions of OS today like Windows (for say Christianity) and Linux (for say Islam.) Now will you agree if someone says that Windows or Linux have formed from no where and are that Windows is the greater or Linux for that matter? The basics are always there and do not forget that it may be crude and not very pleasing for the eye but that which you can always rely on is the “Mother”! Windows may be rocking and Linux can be shocking but dear friends do understand that none of these could have come into exsistence without the original version and any thing else is only from being rebel out of the normal practices. Bill Gates (for say Jesus) and Linus Torvalds (for say Mohammed) would not have been what they are today without them knowing the “Basics.”
    So my dear friends understand that any religion that sprouted up was only because of Rebels who did not want to follow the set norms and with little modifications to the original (read Sanatana Dharma) and with strong followers could they achieve to form a different religion.

    • Mohammed Jameel said,

      The basic is to pray the real creator & follow its authentic instructions & discard the manipulated & corrupted manuals done by humans.
      One would not go for windows95 or older version when windows7 or a latest version is in place.

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