Misconception about Shiv Linga

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Shiv Linga









What does Shivlinga means? 
The word Ling in SHIV ling has come from two words that is Leen and Gati. 
Leen means dissolve and Gati means grow. It means man should dissolve(Leen) 
in shiva  then he should grow(Gati). (leen+ga)= ling. 
Most people around the globe think that meaning 
of ling in concerned with male sex organ, but this is 
totally wrong theory.


Shiv Linga is just a symbol of the form and formless GOD  – Paramatma – Atma Linga
Shiva Linga represents the symbol of Soul  – The eternal soul/ which is not affected either by water, fire, earth, weapons,clothes…making it invincible. The Shaft below the Shiv Linga  represents that the whole creation is created because of Viraag and Union of the Supreme GOD HIMSELF as male and female(Shiva & Shakti).







But i dont blame them for this. They should blame themselves for not reading the scriptures authentically.
RIG Veda says in its first stanza that there is only ONE GOD(ParBramha – Mahavishnu) and from HIM emerged all beings including Demi-GODS. There is Swarg(Heaven- where every soul enjoys its merits for 100 years of DemiGods{( 1 year = 1,27000 year Day + 1 year = 1,27000 year Day)} with Apsaras(Beautiful Virgin Dancers) and Hell (Where Yama will Punish every evil soul – but this too is not permanent)
The only permanent “Abode of GOD” is “Vaikuntha” where soul becomes one with GOD and becomes “Ever Living” and “Ever Happy”.






Similarly, the trinity of GODhead and its importance is mentioned in the Genesis of Bible – the ancient original Bible . So that brings Hindu and the Christian origins on the same level.
Now if Islam has over all these years being accepting that they acknowledge the messengers and writings of Bible as “Messages from previous Messengers of Allah”, then Muslims and Hindus and Christians all belong to one family. A lingam is a stone structure which represents the space in which the universe creates and destroys itself symbolically . There is a Lingam in Kaba too.













Egyptians were basically Hindus :

Hindu administrations, the Sanskrit language, Hindu culture and the Hindu medical system–Ayurved, held sway throughout the ancient world. Monarchs then used to attend court bare-bodied with sacred ash and colour marks on their bodies.

This is an Hindu Egyptian monarch of those times. [The ‘V’ mark is called tilok, and is shown being worn by this Egyptian in the same style that it is still worn by Vaishnavas today in India, on the forehead, arms, neck, chest and belly, representing that one is a worshiper of Lord Krishna or Vishnu.] (Published on page 38 of the Bible Dictionary {appended to the Holy Bible edited by the American Review Committee} and on page 185 of “Long Missing Links” by Aiyangar.)

One Egyptian Demi-GOD is Jupiter, half man half eagle.
Which is exactly the same as Garuda, the vehichle of (VISHNU)GOD HIMSELF. Egyptians were anciently called “Nagas”, we still see Snakes on the Crowns of statues.
England’s royal tradition is of Hindu origin.
The British coronation chair in Westminster Abbey in London. It has lions at its four legs. (Only two front ones are seen in this photo.) This is because England’s royal tradition is of Hindu origin. A Hindu king has to be crowned on a Simhasana, i.e. a Lion’s Seat. The almond-colored square stone (seen in the shelf under the seat) is an ancient Hindu memento carried from Delhi, i.e. Indraprastha by Hindu warriors when they first set up throne in the distant British isles.
[The following is a different caption under a replica copy of the same photograph in the album.]
It is no coincidence that this coronation chair of British royalty in Westminster Abbey, London, is literally a Lion’s seat (simhasan) as it is called in Hindu tradition. A cutpiece of an ancient Shiva Lingam serving several vicissitudes may also be seen reverently placed in the compartment under the royal seat.
The sacred stone is known as the Stone of Destiny (Bhagyavidhata) alias stone of Scone (because it was brought from a church in the city of Scone in Scotland, to London in 1296 A.D.). But before being brought to Scotland, it was at the Hill of Tara (Taragarh) in Ireland. Thus, these two, i.e. the Simhasan & Shiva Lingam reaching back into immemorial antiquity, are significant proof of Britain having once been a Hindu country ruled by Hindu Kings. The lions are also of the Burmese and Mysorean Hindu design.

How can GOD belong to some religion, class or cult?
HE belongs even to ants, worms and all kinds of beings.


When a soul takes life on earth, one becomes either rich, poor, handsome, ugly, leper, handicap, animal, great soul, etc.

So then doesnt it make GOD partial to one andnot another? If the concept of taking birth once is there it surely does. But then Vedas say that we are born like this and that because of our past lives..which makes Super Sense. Why would GOD be accounted for our Physical forms? We ourselves are to be blamed! Arent we? We do some actions which are bad putting aside the pestering of good thoughts of the inner soul or Zameer. The Zameer is the fully conscious mind which tells us truth is always good…that Zameer is none but GOD! Every body is a temple of GOD so how can we harm it?

To be one with GOD one has to think of HIM, see HIM in all beings..thus then only we all will be able
to make us all actually proove that we are all children of One GOD…not Shaitaan who kill people and dont feel guilty.

Loka Samstha SukhinoBhava .Sarve Santu Niramaya.  
May all worlds be in peace. May all beings live in peace and fullfillment.
This was my message.
There is no religion. There is only GOD and each of us.
Religions are made by man for his own matrialistic goals.



For hundreds of years Persians(Kinnars), Egyptians(Nagas) have been exchanging spiritual knowledge with Bharat(Which has the oldest culture on earth – 1.3 billion years old or more).
So why now in this “Machine Age or Kali Yuga”, man has become so intolerable to human values?
I think the new education and extremism fed to mankind by dwellers of Shaitaan are much saleable in this age of Satan.

May all be in peace! May all be united!
For the day of Maha Prayala, Vishnu or Allah will not judge us by religion, but by Karma or Actions.
Dharma – is the rightful, noble thinking, not Religion!

The generations of the Machine Age have prooved themselves to be sons of none but monkeys! fickle as monkey minds loosing all humanity and human values within.

Earth is not the only place where u will find life! So why dont we value our selves as Humans first rather than Religions? Think!

Om Sai Ram!






  1. Sumeet Mahajan said,

    thanx for this iam happy now becoz befor this i was not in light of truth……..

  2. amarjeet said,

    wonderful research,
    please post more

  3. natasha said,

    thank u for having this website actually from an hour i am reading article about shivling and iwas surprise to know that they are creating a misconception in the mind of readers i was also confuse and shocked to know about their misconception they are making a nuissense shivling means shiv’s ling .thanks for lighting the truth.

  4. Mahalinga said,

    Your explanation of Linga is totally off! In fact, it smells like such nationalism and extremism that it is off putting. The Egyptians were Hindus? Give me a break. Siva does not appear in the Rig Veda, for one. Unless you are talking about Rudra; but that is a different deity. He does appear in the later Upanishads, but then again it is difficult to know if the “author” was actually referring to who we call Siva now. Furthermore, have you not read the Puranas? The story of Siva in the Forest of Pines explains where the linga came from? The yogis put a curse on him and it fell off! What about the yoni? Stop posting your deceptive nonsense.

    • dp999 said,

      Dear Mahalinga,

      Explanation is totally off? Rudra and Shiva are seperate dieties? your Ignorance has no limits my friend. The Rig Veda reads that Brahma Vishnu Rudra(Shiva) are ONE and not different. They are attributes of One GOD or PARAMATMA. RUDRA is SHIVA and SHIVA is RUDRA. I wonder where you learn things from. Once you block yourself to physical existence, spiritual learning stops! The same is with you…half knowledge!

      The story of Shiv Mahapurana will gratify-reinstate your physical, materialistic referendum to spiritual stories. Our Scriptures are not Mythological Fables.
      Learn and know them with spiritual attributes not physical.

      Shiva means literally the HIGHEST Authority, UNTOUCHABLE, FORMLESS and MOST PURE.
      Rudra Shankara came from SHIVA LINGA(HIS own transcedental form).

      The SHIVA LINGA is not physical union but spiritual UNION of the female and male aspect of GOD.
      Which is the reason of CREATION. The LINGA being the CREATOR and the BASE BEING the CREATED(MANIFESTATION)

      I pity your ignorance. The SHIVA LINGA is the SOUL OF SHIVA(Atmalinga-SoulForm)…not Physical Phallus! Shame!
      It was the LEELA of GOD to have SHIVALINGA fall on earth to make those places pure, free of evil, free of spirits and demons and full of positive conscience.

      You need a good teacher. Dont read Wikipedia or Google docs to learn what is misinterpreted! Wikipedia and Google embed superstition…not real knowledge.

      Read with full conscience. Ask the elders for true knowledge, ask many people, take your view…dont read blindly.

  5. Saravanan said,

    I am having different understanding.

    Linga reminds us our point of Origination. We may be rich or poor, white or black, good or bad, Hindu or Muslim or Christian. Every body is coming from mother and father union.

    So we should not fight with each other. LIVE for OTHERS.

    Om Sai Ram

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