What Sanskrit from Bharat taught the world for a million years

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It’s a shame that the world went on a crusade against Hindus in Bharat after denomination. The people who taught the whole world science and the language of peace. India has lived, prospered and shared knowledge which enlightens us not only in materialistic living but also in the spiritual uplifting. They lived peacefully with all Nations even though Bharat was a superpower for more than 50000 years.

In return, Hindus were massacred in millions in the onslaught by Persians and Britishers.
Scriptures were misinterpreted to meet the accordances and fancies of the English.

By TIME – the ultimate Hero who is GOD Himself as left proofs of Bharat being the pregenetor of the earth civilisation.

Vande Mataram – Hail to such a beloved motherland.


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