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  1. Princegoutham said,

    God Siva is Immanent Love and Transcendent Reality.

    Ekameva Advitiyam.
    Lord Siva is the Supreme Reality The one without a second

    Siva alone exists in Himself.
    He is the Impersonal Absolute Brahman.

    He cannot be seen by the eyes but He can be realised within the heart through devotion and meditation,Lord Shiva is the God of all and is worshipped by All,

    From Devas (Gods) SUCH AS Lord Brahma,Lord Vishnu,Lord Rama, Sri Krishna,Ganesha…..

    By Asuras (Demons) like Bana, Ravana,By(Humans) like Adi Shankara, Nayanars,By (Creatures) such as Jatayu, an eagle, Vali,an ape, and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, the site states that people of different backgrounds and qualities worship the Shiva,with many temples having histories of even cranes,bees,
    elephants,Kalahasti,spiders,sn akes,worshipping Shiva and getting blessed.

    It concludes that the Lord,as the Supreme one,blesses anyone who worships him in sincere devotion as there is No Discrimination on who the seeker is.

    • dp999 said,

      You are correct my friend, but remember that Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra Shiva are not three separate entities…they are plenary expansion of ONE GOD…meaning that there is one power with and without form never ending and ever multiplying, neither male nor female and being both at required times…in short the POWER or SHAKTI cannot be defined by material words. KRISHNA did not worhsip anyone. KRISHNA is the ultimate goal HIMSELF…read Mahadevi Puran which was given to mankind 28,000 Yugas before…where SHAKTI mentions coming on earth as eight child of Devaki.

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