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the real mail for image of Satya Sai Baba on moonthe real mail for image of Satya Sai Baba on moonThis guy whoever he is is misguidign people without reasoning things nd writing columns on his fancy!

 He has posted a mail maligning names of people saying some person has posted a  mail with bogus image of Sri Satya Sai Baba on moon.

Now let us uncover the truth here and once for all.

below is original mail sent by the devotee to other sai devotees:


Dear all,

this is not a real image, but im sending what i could see and visualise, what we all saw yesterday looking at the moon. there was not need to imagine a shape or make a guess

the visual on moon was as clear as the image im sending now. HIS hair, eyes, nose and even HIS smile was very clear.


enjoy! HIS blessings.

yours sincerley,

now see how Robert misinterpreted the mail:

His said the devotee has uploaded a bogus e-mail of SatyaSaiBaba.
Where does the question of Bogus image arise when the e-mail clearly mentions about the real not being real and saying its a created visual for people who missed to see the moon that day. The person who says the image is bogus and was posted to misguide people is really a pityful irrational person. i have nothing to say more about this miscreant person.

This is how people are misinterpreting things and trying to malign Swami who is as pious asChrist and is doing good things like Mother Teresa.

I request all the people over the world to ignore such columns on this website which are meant to hurt the sentiments of people who love sai and very well know who are the people involved in malignning HIS name for nothing.

Love All Hurt Never – Sairam

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