RIG VEDA for all religions

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RIG VEDA – asks all to be in Harmony

The Rishi is Madhuchchhandas, the son of
Viswamitra, The Devata is Agni, the meter is

1. I glorify Agni, the high priest of the sacrifice,
the divine, the ministrant, who presents the
oblation (to the gods), and is the possessor of
great wealth.

2. May that Agni, who is to be celebrated by
both ancient and modern sages, conduct the gods

3. Through Agni the worshipper obtains that
affluence which increases day by day, which is
the source of fame, and the multiplier of

4. Agni, the unobstructed sacrifice of which
thou art, on every side, the protector, assuredly
reaches the gods.

5. May Agni, the presenter of oblations, the
attainer of knowledge, he who is true,
renowned, and divine, come hither, with the

6. Whatever good thou mayest, Agni, bestow
upon the giver (of the oblation) that, verily,
Angiras, shall revert to thee.

7. We approach thee, Agni, the reverential
homage in our thoughts, daily, both morning
and evening.

8. Thee, the radiant, the protector of sacrifices,
the constant illuminator of truth, increasing in
thine own dwelling.

9. Agni, be unto us easy of access; as is a father
to his son: be ever present with us, for our good.

What man asked from Angels of GOD was Harmony among all people on this earth and beyond.
But now we are moving in ignorant path saying this is mine and that is yours.

So it is cleat that Man has degraded himself in sheer ego of dividing self into religions, caste, creed, colors, genders etc

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